About tubefront

Be happy with four letters

Stop writing poems on your eppis - just four letters are enough to uniquely identify >600 000 samples. Position, description and other metadata is stored conveniently in the tubefront database.

Scale up to big teams

As an iGEM team we know what can go wrong when 12 people work on the same wetlab project. Using tubefront we have eliminated the problems and successfully scaled up even more.

Integration with your digital labbook

Weather you are using MediaWiki or any other tool for your documentation, using a simple script you can integrate your website with tubefront

No additional equipment required

Funding is always a concern in biological research. To make sure that you can spend most of your funding for people and research, we have built tubefront to be independent from specialized equipment. All you need is a waterproof pen.

Want to dive in? We have set up a    Preview instance where you can test how it feels like.
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